Trevelyon Cap Course

Whew…I am almost there to the goldwork…I am thinking of doing a bit now that I have finished “two” of the panels..itchy goldfinger here…we shall see…holidays were a bust as far as stitching…just getting back into the routine…some changes in the home schedule are happening too so it will take some time to get used to that…

   Below is a picture of a finished panel without the goldwork…I am happy to be getting closer to the finish of course as I have said before…”I have other projects I want to do and I need to finish this one because it is so big… !!” I ended up taking some stitching out and redoing it because the colors were wrong. Learned “again” that I need to read and reread the directions. Like I said, “I have an itchy goldfinger”. Even noticed that I forgot to stitch some elements..What do you want to bet I will find some more?!! 

   Tackling a big one is fun to a point because when one finishes it it is hard to believe you actually handstitched the whole thing. I have looked at other embroideries I have finished over the years and it is hard to believe, me, myself and I actually made’s like a dream….for me anyway…never thought I could enjoy a process and the beauty of hand embroidery so much! 
    The goldwork will definitely give the piece a extravagantly beautiful finish, mainly because the goldwork wraps around so many of the elements of the flowers and background. I am debating still what to use for the goldwork…I will have to decide soon…want to pull out all the gold threads I have and just have fun playing!

5 thoughts on “Trevelyon Cap Course

  1. Catherine

    Oh it looks beautiful! Your stitching is wonderful and the colours really pop. Mine is well and truly on the back burner since I’m doing the RSN certification. Maybe over summer I will get some done. Can’t wait to see it with the gold!


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