Trevelyon Cap Lesson 8..Goldfinger has been scratched! 

     So this is the goldwork start…!   Only a bit …but yea!!!! ….it’s started and there is lots of it to do..So for the first thing,  I needed to pick a “gold passing thread”. Below were my choices…a Japanese in 3 diffferent sizes and a Cosmos metallic thread. I tried the finest of the Japanese threads and it was just to big and I was unable to turn the corners well on the small flowers. Had to snip that out..I only did the top flower as you will see…sooooo, I tried the Cosmos metallic embroidery floss. It is divisible but I used all of it as one strand and couched it down with silk thread and I liked the way it’s a keeper for me…Makes sense anyway for me as all the other floss used is Cosmos.

After twisting and turning the thread and couching it down you need to plunge the thread to the back using a large eyed needle. 

Then “the back”…! Mmmmmm…I found one of my couching threads had knotted and a possibility of it  loosening was there…not taking that out it was decided to gather it up with the gold thread and couch it down to the back..

So it has been couched and secured on the back..You can see how I pulled the not so good silk thread from couching on the front and secured it…thankfully I am of the mind not to mind my backs! 

Now for the final look at the front finish…. I like the Cosmos metallic it flowed around the edges nicely. It is not real gold but for here I am just as happy…

Love to hear comments...thanks!