A Little Aside…Sashiko Kit

Found this kit for “coasters” that use the embroidery technique called “Sashiko”. I thought it would be nice to make them as a gift…(for next year)…great stress reliever..Great to try a new technique…for me anyway…and thought it would be easy and it is…however…below is what I recieved from “Shibori Dragon“..a quilt store I have dealt with through the years.

Here is what came in the kit…a linen panel with 5 dragonflys…The way the panel is made up so it can all be emroidered as one big piece and then sewn and cut out the same way. 

However I forgot to think that the instructions could be in another language….Japanese…ouch! Fortunately the pictures helped a lot and thanks goes to the wonderful “sewing teachers” I have had over the years that have taught me how to read a picture and be able to translate that so I can do a project.. A little tough at times but this coaster project is fairly simple.


I have begun these coasters and hopefully will get them done fairly quickly…it is nice to have something simple to do while I watch a movie and relax… I will show you more when I get the stitching done.

Love to hear comments...thanks!