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Just a hint “Fire Pinks” A Drawing by Nicola Jarvis

    It has been a few years now, but when I was in Williamsburg, Virginia at a class with “Nicola Jarvis” I got up the nerve to ask her if she would draw a picture of “Fire Pinks” a native flower that grows on the property where I live. Explaining why I adore this flower is hard. It is a simple flower very bright red/pink. They also have been cultivated as they can be a pale pink to other shades of pink also. I would like to do this flower in red/pink as well as in the pale pink which is the way Nicola drew it for me…my thanks will never be enough for the drawing! I just want to do it justice in the creation!

   First off…I can (in my head) see what it looks like in all detail but it will not translate to my hands. Over the years I have tried but just do not have the capability to draw what I see and that means just about anything! Below is just a hint of the wonderful drawing Nicola did for me. She asked about it a month ago or so …so I decided I needed to get my brain moving to stitch this flower…it is really pretty to me and I am excited to try my hand at taking a drawing and then to interpret  it in thread or other fiber media (maybe silk ribbon). So here is a beginning…just a hint…

Summer..A Rabbit for all Seasons ..Finish

Yea!! Another finished embroidery! Albeit a more simpler one, it is nice to get it done.. I am pretty sure that I will make  pillows out of the four seasons…using some coordinating fabrics that will enhance the seasons.. Will be pretty cute in the end. Hopefully will take a day and finish these as well as the “sashiko” coasters around the same time… then will post the “absolutely” finished pieces in all their wonderful glory!

This “Summer” piece was interesting …as I needed to do some creative stitch manipulation because of the ears…The tracing was just weird in my hopefully I made it look like “the bunny” (which is definitely a “she” now) has bows on her ears…subtle ones…The line tracing needed to be covered up. I also know now I will also have to work on practicing the “twisted chain stitch’ used for the swing ropes..took them out …put them in…took them out…put them in…etc. The consistency is just not there. Maybe my old eyes are starting to play tricks on me!   Orrr..I am just reading how to do the stitch incorrectly..I even watched some videos…It is a pretty stitch just need to understand the mechanics of it better…

The other interesting bit was the tree trunk with the big knothole in it. The knothole has two contrasting threads to give it a bit more realism. These were chosen because the color called for was just to light and it needed to blend more I thought. It is nice to be able to change colors up in stitching..even though I am one not to want to think to much. Show me the design and if the “colors” as well as the design speak to me I’m sold! This is where I need to start thinking outside the box. That is definitely coming up with another project that I mentioned in an earlier post…(hint: Nicola Jarvis design)

Here now is the “Summer” in all it’s glory! Whew!!! Simple and cute! Gotta love the pointy elbow!

Trevelyon Cap Course “One” Panel Finish

    Whew…this is time consuming…remember I used a 4 strand Cosmo “gold metallic” instead of “gold passing thread. Someday I will splurge and get a stash of different sizes of passing thread. The floss is okay…passing thread better…I am sure.. I still need a lot of practice with goldwork and hopefully will get more…There are some things that need to be tidied on the back but will take care of that later when I finally finish the whole Cap. I have been tidying somewhat as I go but for some reason there is this “thread” that tangles and get messed up on the back.. 

    Now for another small break…and then I will get back to the rest of the “goldwork”…Definitely nice to see an end in sight when you stitch…I now have 4 projects going and I need them down to two…now to get back to a fairly easy and quick one !

Here is a photo of the “one panel” ..There might be some tweaking in the future but we shall see when the whole piece is finished.

Trevelyon’s Cap Course Lesson 8

For some unknown reason this post was deleted from my website and I was able to cobble it back so here it is again….

    Doing goldwork can be a challenge…and “yes” challenges….are for me…! Using a 4 ply gold metallic cosmo thread added a bit more to the experience. I mentioned before that the size of “gold passing thread” I had on hand just were not working for me… sooo this is what “lesson 8” ended up like…This picture is just one of the panels…I also did the strawberries at the same time…they were supposed to be done in an earlier lesson but thought that it would be wiser to do all the “goldwork” at the same time.. Lesson eight only covers the flowers etc. The stems and trellis are for lesson nine… When those are finished on “this” panel …I will show that to you …My plan is to continue with the goldwork on the main part and finish all of it which will take quite some time…then I will show that all finished. Then onto the border…which will also take a bit of time…I need to take breaks as “sloppiness” will occur if I do to much at once. Struggling with the thistle.. I am thinking of redoing it…maybe outlining it first then doing the trellis across it might have worked better? Will leave it for now and decide later. ( I have already posted the fix and that is when I found out this one was missing!)

    I am going to start a project that the artwork was drawn by “Nicola Jarvis” at my request a couple of years ago and she was kind enough to do it for me. I have finally got my ” ducks in a row” as to what my plans are concerning this…There will be more on the background later on…

Fixing the “thistle goldwork” Trevelyon’s Cap Course Lesson 8

   Yes, the decision was made to take out the goldwork on the thistle…. below are the changes made and the differences…I like it ! I did do the outside outline first then added the trellis…a little different approach but it worked for me. I have always encouraged one to find what is going to work for them…we are all so different so we need to embrace that…especially with creativity!  It barely took me an hour to fix it all so well worth it…I know two posts so close together is a bit much, but that is rare !

Here is the first “thistle”… then below that is the second one redone… much happier…!

Springtime…A Rabbit for all Seasons Finish

Yes..a finish…not “finished” by that I mean not framed or pillowed or some other neat thing. Stitching is finished! I am framing up “Summer” next so I can decide “how” I want to finish these. The pillow idea is floating around my head.. They might look nice with coordinating fabric that matches the seasons… maybe a ruffle with lace added too.. I have not done that in a long time…

Maybe a bit to much tail..? Maybe trim a bit more off? We shall see.

Well…”Summer” is all framed up! Looks like this one should be breeze…I loved swinging on a swing when I was a of my all time fun things to do…probably because it cooled me off during the summer!