Fixing the “thistle goldwork” Trevelyon’s Cap Course Lesson 8

   Yes, the decision was made to take out the goldwork on the thistle…. below are the changes made and the differences…I like it ! I did do the outside outline first then added the trellis…a little different approach but it worked for me. I have always encouraged one to find what is going to work for them…we are all so different so we need to embrace that…especially with creativity!  It barely took me an hour to fix it all so well worth it…I know two posts so close together is a bit much, but that is rare !

Here is the first “thistle”… then below that is the second one redone… much happier…!

2 thoughts on “Fixing the “thistle goldwork” Trevelyon’s Cap Course Lesson 8

  1. Catherine

    Well done! I love how this piece is coming along! I just hope to one day get back to mine. Your re-done thistle looks really lovely! I’ve found that if in doubt, taking it out and re-doing it is often the best option!


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