Trevelyon’s Cap Course Lesson 8

For some unknown reason this post was deleted from my website and I was able to cobble it back so here it is again….

    Doing goldwork can be a challenge…and “yes” challenges….are for me…! Using a 4 ply gold metallic cosmo thread added a bit more to the experience. I mentioned before that the size of “gold passing thread” I had on hand just were not working for me… sooo this is what “lesson 8” ended up like…This picture is just one of the panels…I also did the strawberries at the same time…they were supposed to be done in an earlier lesson but thought that it would be wiser to do all the “goldwork” at the same time.. Lesson eight only covers the flowers etc. The stems and trellis are for lesson nine… When those are finished on “this” panel …I will show that to you …My plan is to continue with the goldwork on the main part and finish all of it which will take quite some time…then I will show that all finished. Then onto the border…which will also take a bit of time…I need to take breaks as “sloppiness” will occur if I do to much at once. Struggling with the thistle.. I am thinking of redoing it…maybe outlining it first then doing the trellis across it might have worked better? Will leave it for now and decide later. ( I have already posted the fix and that is when I found out this one was missing!)

    I am going to start a project that the artwork was drawn by “Nicola Jarvis” at my request a couple of years ago and she was kind enough to do it for me. I have finally got my ” ducks in a row” as to what my plans are concerning this…There will be more on the background later on…

Love to hear comments...thanks!