Trevelyon Cap Course “One” Panel Finish

    Whew…this is time consuming…remember I used a 4 strand Cosmo “gold metallic” instead of “gold passing thread. Someday I will splurge and get a stash of different sizes of passing thread. The floss is okay…passing thread better…I am sure.. I still need a lot of practice with goldwork and hopefully will get more…There are some things that need to be tidied on the back but will take care of that later when I finally finish the whole Cap. I have been tidying somewhat as I go but for some reason there is this “thread” that tangles and get messed up on the back.. 

    Now for another small break…and then I will get back to the rest of the “goldwork”…Definitely nice to see an end in sight when you stitch…I now have 4 projects going and I need them down to two…now to get back to a fairly easy and quick one !

Here is a photo of the “one panel” ..There might be some tweaking in the future but we shall see when the whole piece is finished.

5 thoughts on “Trevelyon Cap Course “One” Panel Finish

  1. Catherine

    Thi is lovely! Well done,and ‘one day’ I will use your process and complete each panel at a time. You have re-inspired me to start this again as my ‘in between’ project rather than setting up another Crewelwork piece!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      The only thing that I think I might do different is maybe do one of the same element on each panel so they look the same…or at least hopefully. I just wanted to see what the goldwork looked like! 😊 Hope you can get some time…I have way to many “sewing” projects to do… ( I need to stop looking at all the beautiful things that other embroiderers make…!
      Thanks so much …Avis

      1. Catherine

        Thanks for the tip Avis. I’m quite certain that my stitching has changed so much from when I started this project to now thanks to the Certificate that consistency is going to be a big stumbling block for me. Maybe is a good thing I didn’t get far!


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