Fox and the Willow…Nicola Jarvis Design

Nicola Jarvis has (in my opinion) a really cute Fox and Willow Design…and of course I purchased it. I have had it for a few months but without the instructions. Finally got them and just couldn’t resist starting it even though I have two other projects going on right now. I am going to stop starting new projects! (right…hopefully). There are two big projects that need to be finished and then this one. The “Fox and Willow” looks to be “semi” doable in a shorter amount of time. It is hooped so it will be a bit more portable than some of my other projects. ( I will do updates on those at a later date). 

   Nicola painted the main backgound and  it is embellished with thread…and beads..My chosen style was the silk with silk threads. This was done with a purpose to expose myself to more “silk threads” (Au Ver Soie silk) . The fabric is silk and there is no problem with that since I have been exposed to it  with my heirloom sewing days. Part of my fabric stash is some nice yardage of “silk dupioni” that was purchased awhile back. The “only” thing that is a “bugaboo” with this kit is the silk thread colors are “not” numbered so you need to really use your picture to help get the colors correct. I should be fine.  It is nice to have a card with holes that tell what the number is for each strand of color.  This is where the ability to draw and design is a failure because color totally amazes then confuses because there are infinite ways to change a color shade! Mind boggling . This is one reason why when there is a pattern/kit and if the colors are appealing that’s the one to buy..just like that one.

  The directions talk about lining the silk with muslin (calico) and then stitching around the body to keep the fabrics from slipping etc. I have a lightweight cotton fusible that was used and it does the trick. Works like a charm and leaves no weird residue or odd look. This way the whole piece is stable and there is no shifting between the two pieces of fabrics.

 This picture below is of the stem stitch which is outlining the stems of course! Just on the body of the fox…next will be the leaves and flowers.. It is hard to tell what has been stitched but it is there! Also, with the stem stitch and outline stitch they are interchangable when you are working on curved lines that have no real consistent direction. Just make sure each line stitched is using the same stitch for each one. There is a method that works to “try” (that is the operative word!!) to keep the stem and outline stitch unique when I needed. Notice that “outline” starts with an “O” so it means to take the thread “over” and then stem stitch automatically becomes “under”. This is what works for me. I have seen other ways but my brain likes this one…

3 thoughts on “ Fox and the Willow…Nicola Jarvis Design

  1. Catherine

    This is really lovely! I love Nicola’s designs too but haven’t seen this one. And very clever in the way she has painted in the design. I can’t wait to see it! It does look like a quicker project, so I’m sure your other projects won’t feel left out for too long!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      I have been neglectful lately with my stitching…felt a bit overwhelmed with life in general…so am happy to be stitching again…just stitched some more on the “Trevelon’s Cap”
      Nicola has the Fox and Willow on her website now. I believe it is in the EGA of USA latest magazine. I am not a member of that group. Live to far out in the country to travel to all the wonderful stitching groups. Am hoping to stitch this one quickly it looks like fun!

      1. Catherine

        Oh I’m so sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling yourself lately. I do however find stitching brings about piece and a much better mindset so I hope it does the same for you! I’m glad you are preserving with the Cap. I’m sure I’ll get back to it one day! Enjoy this piece! I’m in the UK and am not part of those groups either 😊


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