Trevelyon’s Cap Course “2nd Panel Finished”

   This is just a quick update the second of the panels is finished! The goldwork/metalwork is time consuming and it was put off for a few weeks as some frustration set in. I had mentioned that I wished I had worked on each one of the panels at the same time and since that was a bust…I naturally approached the second one slightly different. Looking back at the first one to constantly make sure I stitched everything.  Then because the original tracing is so unique on each panel things had to be stitched different in the same areas. Hopefully you would understand that…  Stitching along I thought I was finished and then noticed I forgot to use “2” strands of gold on the trellis part. Absolutely a mind buster! (silent scream) Sooo…went back and added all of them.  Gheezzzh! Now it is done and time for a rest. Only 2 more to go then I will finish the border…(I wonder how long it will take me!) (Lots of laughs and snickering going on with that) I have been watching some very uplifting movies while stitching so at least I am in a better place when stitching goes all awry on one….Here is a picture of the two panels finished…. I think I will scream out loud when the whole thing is finished!

   So looking at the picture I “was” pleased…oh, wait…what’s that I see… a “thistle” I forgot to outline! Okay…now I really do need a break..It is hard to see everything but that one is glaring! Couple of hours later (after rest and movie break) I am stitching the thistle to the sounds of “Simon and Garfunkel” and finishing “again! So here is the finished first and second panel! TA!!!! DA!!!

2 thoughts on “Trevelyon’s Cap Course “2nd Panel Finished”

  1. Tam

    Avis, this work is stunning! It must be gargantuan work to complete one panel, but then to duplicate it blows my mind. One question: does the gold thread ever tarnish?

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      It is challenging and I am still fascinated by the whole thing. Just wish I could get it done in a timely manner. I am actually using a gilt 4 twisted metallic thread and from what I understand it should stay nice and shiny with care. Two more to do! It is easier than it looks. Like when you learned to use your sewing machine and all the wonderful tricks of the trade. Magnifying glass is a must. Thoroughly enjoying myself.


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