A Tail about Silk Floss…Fox and Willow

   In looking at the tail the instructions tell one to start with the heart shape and use the Burnt Orange, Brick Red, and Ginger for the colors…Darrrnnn!… the Brick Red floss was missing. Looked in the original bag the design came in and wherever else I could think of.  Soooo…took a “nighttime” sleep…and woke up at 2 a.m. to the brain saying ” You have  a little silk of your own maybe there will be one you can use… up and downstairs I went and sure enough found a “red” I could use…checked under the magnifying lamp to make sure the strand was of the same consistency as the other strands of silk. Worked like a charm and started stitching at 2:30 a.m.. Four heart shapes later and I go to get some more Burnt Orange floss. Now this particular color there is “lots” of it mainly because it was used on the foxes body. Getting low I went to get a one strand from a divisible piece and got “stopped in my tracks” with a “what in the world moment” ! There in the midst of the “Burnt Orange” was “two”,just two” divisible floss strands that were a different color. Of course they were the “Brick Red” I had been looking for.  They had been hiding in the Burnt Orange deep in the mass of that color so when I had used up most of the Burnt Orange one could actually notice the difference in the color shading. Did it make a difference? Not one iota! 

The first stem stitch line around each heart is the “Burnt Orange” second “Red (substitute for Brick Red)…third “Chocolate”..and french knots “Ginger”. The Burnt Orange and the Chocolate makes the Red look more Brick Red…I think (personal opinion of course). So I just finished up the Hearts and below is the picture…what a waste of brain power wondering what happened to that “Brick Red” floss. Stuff happens….Wheewww I am glad that is over…

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