Fox and Willow…Tail Finish 

   After doing the hearts… the berries were next and as I looked for the “beads” I realized there were not enough for the tail and the other area around the neck of the “fox. Fortunately my stash of beads contain the exact same color used here so problem solved! Using a stem stitch and then plopping a bead on the end went fairly quickly.

   Doing a “seed stitch” can be a challenge in that getting all the stitches the same length can be a chore for me. One tends to start nice and small and then “bang” they are twice as long. Take them out…no way! Just keep plugging along. I have done these before but not a favorite and it is a simple one at that! 

   The outline of the tail called for couching two strands of “ginger” silk around the outside of the tail, however, I decided to use a stitch called “twisted chain stitch” instead of doing the couching. Nicola had suggested that with the couching to kind of make it loose so the threads would create a scalloped effect. I liked it but just had learned how to do a twisted chain stitch and thought it would look nice also. Am debating on whether to put a hint of a contrasting color with it somehow. That will be something else to think about. This has been fun as usual!

So here is the tail! Onto the “Blackberry Collar” around the neck!

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