Fox and Willow

    Sooo…the Fox is finished…the beading was a bit of a longer than I thought it would take moment…mainly because the old skills were a bit rusty and then “threading the itty bitty hole of a beading needle”!!! Make a mistake and poof out came the thread to be rethreaded. All in all the design went well and the fox just looks so elegant! The flowers around the neck were interesting to do in that the “drawn design” seemed to missing some parts. Using the air erasable marker to help fill in these was just the ticket. Worked like a charm as they say! (whatever that really means…cute anyway). The only things or thing that is different is the beads for the flowers. These were changed out for some from my own stash. Just was a personal preference and am happier with it.  
   As I move on to the willow I have been thinking about adding a “small bit more color” to it. We shall see. The willow might take me a bit cause the old fingers will get tired doing the same stitch over and over but the end will be worth it!

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