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Jenny McWhinney and “Mini Kits…Little Goat, Wash Day”

   It is years ago now that I purchased a “bunch” of Jenny McWhinney‘s Mini Kits…I am in the process of finishing up all of them. only two left… after ” The Little Goat, Wash Day. Here is what I have stitched so far…great kit for a quick project and some listening to music or watching an “old movie”! I started these over 5 years ago…sooooo…that is a long time now…Most if not all are still available on her website. You can click on her name above and it will take you right to her “new store” and “website”.

   Love the fuzzy front leg! Now for the ones I have finished…the pictures are below…of course it is hard to believe I did them all and enjoyed stitching everyone of them…I was only disappointed at one point after I received my first kit..I found out that Jenny had come to our area “after the fact” and I missed it!!! I heard she was very interesting!!!  This was a number of years ago now and hopefully we will have her back again sometime. Her kits are a bit unusual…I had to do a bit of deciphering…depended on the photo “a lot”. There are “scans” of the individual areas to be worked on. Also the tracing is definitely not the same as her picture of the embroidery on the front of the package. One thing though is Jenny says “that you do not have to match sitich for stitch when doing shading as long as you use the color guide and color areas approximately the same.” The affect achieved is similar. 


Little Duckling, Swimming Lessons

Little Hedgehog, Wrong Way

Little Piglet, Farmers Garden

Little Fish, Under the Lily Pad

Little Red Hen, Hatching Time

Little Tree Frog, Tropical Flowers

Little Squirrel, Collecting Berries

Little Kitten, Hattie’s Cat

Fox and Willow…Willow Tree Finished

     This coloring of the tree was tricky.. In my fabric there was a piece of silk the exact same color as the background so I took a pencil and drew some of the same shape leaves that are on the willow tree. Next the water color that was used is Derwent color blocks. The color will dry to be permanent and with heat setting. Below is a picture of my attempts at getting a color that would look good. Played quite a bit with these neat water color brushes that have a tube of water attached to them. Of course the final one chosen was a darker color. The fox needs to be the main focus so the darker color for me worked well. The other issue with water color is that it will run! You can see that on the trunk..but it also gives it some character…this was fun to do as I was able to color outside the lines.  

     After the testing …here is the finished “Fox and Willow”.  I did send Nicola Jarvis a picture so will anxiously await her response.. I like it …but I also know we all have our own tastes! ( I might just decide to color outside the lines on the trunk of the tree also…I wonder why!)

Fox and Willow Finish?

The “Fox and Willow” silk design by Nicola Jarvis is finished. There is some thinking going on that the leaves of the willow tree needs some kind of color.  Having said that there might be an update to “Fox and Willow” in the future…we shall see. Maybe I think to much as one of my friends told me!

So here is the finished photo of the silk embroidery..the background is silk and the floss was silk. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this design. Mainly because it kept the interest peaked.  When the piece is actually made into a pillow or framed or something else it will look really nice!