Fox and Willow Finish?

The “Fox and Willow” silk design by Nicola Jarvis is finished. There is some thinking going on that the leaves of the willow tree needs some kind of color.  Having said that there might be an update to “Fox and Willow” in the future…we shall see. Maybe I think to much as one of my friends told me!

So here is the finished photo of the silk embroidery..the background is silk and the floss was silk. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this design. Mainly because it kept the interest peaked.  When the piece is actually made into a pillow or framed or something else it will look really nice!

4 thoughts on “Fox and Willow Finish?

  1. Catherine

    What a great design and so nicely finished! I think the leaves need a splash of colour, though not too much as you don’t want to detract from the fox. Lovely!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      I have been playing with a diluted paint solution for the leaves on a piece of silk that matches. I have to see if that would look nice. I agree the leaves need a hint of color, tried some stitching ideas but decided since the fox has painted background why not the inside of the leaves. The paints I use do dry permanent so that’s good. Nicola liked the fox also and she loves to have others make her designs their own …I am sure it gives her inspiration too! Thanks as always for the encouragement!


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