Fox and Willow…Willow Tree Finished

     This coloring of the tree was tricky.. In my fabric there was a piece of silk the exact same color as the background so I took a pencil and drew some of the same shape leaves that are on the willow tree. Next the water color that was used is Derwent color blocks. The color will dry to be permanent and with heat setting. Below is a picture of my attempts at getting a color that would look good. Played quite a bit with these neat water color brushes that have a tube of water attached to them. Of course the final one chosen was a darker color. The fox needs to be the main focus so the darker color for me worked well. The other issue with water color is that it will run! You can see that on the trunk..but it also gives it some character…this was fun to do as I was able to color outside the lines.  

     After the testing …here is the finished “Fox and Willow”.  I did send Nicola Jarvis a picture so will anxiously await her response.. I like it …but I also know we all have our own tastes! ( I might just decide to color outside the lines on the trunk of the tree also…I wonder why!)

5 thoughts on “Fox and Willow…Willow Tree Finished

      1. Catherine

        We all need fun projects, and good on you for getting back to the Cap! I’m not sure when I will return to mine. I’m so busy with the Certificate, and now I’m worried that my stitching will have changed too much from when I first started it! Probably a good thing I never did get far with it….

        1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

          I think for me it depends on the project…the Cap is a little to repetitive so therefore I lose interest…but I keep admiring the tenacity of anyone who does embroidery because it involves immense patience. I know I just get “joy” out of the embroidery because when I look at the finished pieces down the road I am in awe that I actually stitched it! By the way decades ago ago I did crewelwork piece…a very large one…and after getting back to hand embroidery these past 7 years …I took one look at it and threw it in the trash bin….I still see it in my head and that’s enough…just did not want to look at it every day “I cringed”…. I have other pieces I did years ago and they are still around and look much better! Oh, all the wonderful things you are learning getting your certificate…it will be so worth it. I like doing different things as you can tell with some of the designs and projects I do so I know none of them will be like the original..close but not quite!


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