Talking about a Fix for an Embroidery (paying attention to directions)

  You’d think after all the years that have been spent sewing, doing handwork, cooking etc…(let’s just say over 50 years) one would finally….always read and pay attention to what one is doing…well the  Jenny McWhinney’s design I am working on now “Little Dog Dinner Time” was suggested as one of her easier ones.. and it is… except for “me” who just plods along and jumps to conclusions and this one was a definite no no…Thankfully I had used my trusty  “air erasable marker” to draw the lines. Ahhh…but what lines did I draw? Unfortunately the wrong ones…I drew the ones that show what “color wool” I was supposed to use…my brain had faded….it was sad…sad…so sad. So I have to wait for the lines to disappear because there would be to much confusion with the “other ones also there”.  Decided to mosey on a bit and just stitch the bowl and bone in the meantime. The lines will disappear by tomorrow more than likely.

Below is what I am supposed to draw for the stitching lines….

   Now this is what I did with the air erasable.. I know that not everyone loves these air erasables so it is a personal choice. For me they are so handy…There is always the possibility if you pressed it the mark could become permanent, however I use these markers for drawing in these types of lines….so who would see them! Okay I am really feeling the “old age” creeping in! Need to slow down and pay more attention!

As you can see here in this photo after waiting the lines have just about faded away, so now onto the “correctly drawn stitching lines”!

Here are the redrawn lines….feeling much better now…they are solid ones but it really does not matter…..these old eyes need more to see anyway!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day…mine will be “now”!

2 thoughts on “Talking about a Fix for an Embroidery (paying attention to directions)

  1. Catherine

    We all do things like this every now and then! I’m not a fan of the air erasable pens as they erase too quickly for me! I now tend to use a light pencil line. I used to stitch them in, now I’m too lazy for that sort of thing!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      If I know I definitely will be stitching, the pens do last for what I need…for me I am just afraid if I draw them with a pencil and I make a mistake or want to change the approach to a fill I can. Thinking ahead is hard for me to do, that’s why it is works for me. I know actually stitching the lines with thread would work but “I am lazy too”!


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