ooooooh….A new Cat from Trish Burr… “CHLOE THE CAT”

   Since embroidering “Katerina the Cat” ..Trish Burr has now come out with another “Whitework in Colour” called “CHLOE THE CAT”.  Of course I purchased the mate from her shop Trish Burr. You can get the kit or go to her digital shop Trish Burr Digital and get a digital copy.


    I purchased the kit without the threads as I have amassed a complete set of DMC threads. I was glad to receive the instructions in a booklet form and the design preprinted on a nice piece of fabric. Whew one less thing to think about! Also included was a needle. The booklet gives you the DMC color numbers you need with a printed “color block” next to each one.. Nice! The first thing  to be done after hooping up your design is to go through the steps in the booklet. The first one takes you through steps 1–4. I just finished number 1… it is a “Padded Satin Stitch”. Forgetting how tedious (albeit enjoyable) it can be doing the padding I have to use the same color throughout the process so where the floss goes can be wearing on the eyes. 
   I know that this is my method to help me keep some semblance of order so out came my “air erasable”. First thing is to outline the area with the outline  running stitch and then fill in the object with straight stitches opposite of the way the satin stitching is going to be placed. After the first layer is done I chose to mark my next layer with the marker to help differentiate the first layer from the second one. Followed that with the third layer also. This is the only way I am able to keep my focus on where I have stitched while using the same color.

Now I finished the padding and did the satin stitch on top and below is what is finished.There are some other outlines but they come later on…I am actually “reading” ahead…hopefully for the better in the long run!

I will show more when I finish a group of steps to show progress… I know it will be fun! 

Just so you can see my “KATERINA THE CAT that was finished a few years ago here is a picture of the one I stitched…For some odd reason I like eyelets and both of these have them so will be doing them with pleasure again! 

6 thoughts on “ooooooh….A new Cat from Trish Burr… “CHLOE THE CAT”

  1. trishburr

    Avis came across your blog whilst browsing the Internet and am so thrilled to see your posts on katarina and Chloe. Stunning embroidery well done😊👏 Trish

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      Wow.. thanks so much! I just really enjoy telling my story about embroidery….It’s a way to remind me how far I have come..! I saw your blog on your trip and what fun…! Thanks for sharing so much of what you do!!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      Chloe will be just as nice I think too. I needed to get her done sooner than later as my eyesight is getting older and older. I love the intricate designs and am trying to take advantage of doing them while I can. I was able to get her “Whitework with Colour” book and you will love it. I also purchased her iron on transfers and “for me” the money is well spent , I definitely take the easier way even though I do trace…I am sooooo lazy…that is why I love kits. I taught machine sewing for many years off and on and I appreciate all the “prep” that goes into a design and the kitting and teaching…my philosophy now is for everything to be easier so therefore the kits!


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