Chloe the Cat..Step 9~10

Lots of “padded satin stitching”. The challenge is to keep the satin stitching all going in the same direction.  The first part was the padded center of the flower which was nice to do. What the photo shows below is that even though there are “5” different “split stitch” lines of color around the center I needed to add more. We all stitch different so when I got to the outside part I had to add a extra line or so to fill in the area. Maybe my tension is to tight or I am just a “small stitch stitcher”!

Next is the finished portion ..again I am pleased how this one turned out. I still think I need better glasses!

And now for a picture of all that I have finished so far! The month of July has been a bit hectic for me and it has been sooooo…relaxing when I have had some moments to sit and stitch.

2 thoughts on “Chloe the Cat..Step 9~10

  1. Catherine

    Satin stitch is always a little tricky to get just right isn’t it. This is lovely and I’m glad it’s providing a welcome break for you from all your busyness!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      “Thank you!” I will get a nice break next week and will thoroughly enjoy it! I started stitching again this morning and then had to take it out which is not something I do to much of..if one can help it! The wee hours in the morning for me are the best time of day!


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