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Brilliant Idea…I hope so…Wires on parade…

    When one is working on a stumpwork project wires go haywire. You are using them for shaping a leaf or other wonderful objects to add to your embroidery. The ends are long! Remember these wires will be pulled to the  back later on..Whilst stitching a number of objects for stumpwork these wires catch the thread, then fray and basically drive one nuts because it stops the lovely thread from sliding through the fabric with ease. (Made me think of the scene in “Sleeping Beauty” where the Prince is hacking through the thorns!) Now here are my two solutions to the problem. (By the way knots happen too!) I am sure there are many other solutions out there but so far this works! 

First  take a pencil or other round object and wrap the wire around it like so….

Next press it flat gently near the object one is working on. 

    Then you can either place a piece of “Glad Press and Seal” over the the wire or you can use “Painters Tape”..just to hold it in place and keep any thread you use from catching whilst one is working. Ahhh…blessed relief! Mainly I use the “Press n Seal” when I have a whole bunch done and want to protect the stitching and then the painters tape when I am working on one so now “that dag nabit” wire is no longer in the way. Now I can move onto the next object! As for leaving any kind of residue since you trim these out your good to go. I have used “Painters Tape” for many years and have yet to have it cause any problems for me. I still am careful where I use it so my go to is still the “Glad Press n Seal”. These products are just tacky enough and have found there to be no pulling on any of the stitching that I do. What is nice though it will just grab the “hairs” that might get on ones project and also some of the bits of loose threads left behind.

I’ve been accused of thinking to much…well sometimes I am glad I do! 

Alison Cole…A Class in Stumpwork & Goldwork

   I had the opportunity to take a class with Alison Cole this past week and it was “soooo” worth it! We all need that boost every once in awhile and I definitely needed one. This particular project is called Victorian Elegance and the instructions are “for me” perfect. Being able to understand what a teacher writes makes a huge difference and I am sure I will or have repeated that many times. As we all learn in different ways I found Alison refreshing! She has a wonderful “self published” book out called The Embroiderers Little Book of Hints and Tips which enhances more of what is being taught in her class. Since she is “self published” this allows “no constraints” that the big publishers can put on one and on the plus side the editing is hers. There are no surprises when she is finished. It is her work! The drawings are a lot different than one would get as most publishers use what they feel would look best. I especially like her “long and short stitch description” so will go back to that one constantly. I thought I was doing mine correctly in the first place (which I was!) and Alison just enhanced it and tweaked it for me! Yea…She thinks way outside the box and basically teaches there really is no box! Is this a blatant push for her product…yes…when I find someone who speaks to my personality I love it and will share it! By the way the book above is a great read in and of itself she is quite quirky and therefore funny. The links above will take you to Alisons website and those specific pages for the kit and book.

   Now to some small bits of pictures of what we did in class. This project will be take a bit of time to finish as there are “many…many….many…did I say many elements! Below is just some hints of what is involved.  Since I haven’t done some of this type of  stumpwork in a while there will be some growing pains.

   Here are some “stumpwork” detachable petals and leaf that were worked on,  I am redoing some as I learned a lot and want to remember how to do them “better” so need to do that quickly!  What a teacher has shared can go out of the old brain rather quickly!

As you can see below this is padded bud on a silk dupioni background…elegant! 


A very slight bump in stitching road…

Sad news which can always make one reflect… a very wonderful friend passed on suddenly and stitching time has stood still for a couple of weeks. Tam commented on this blog quite often and we had many laughs together as I knew her personally through my sewing journeys which encompasses about 20 years. Her humor just made me lose it (it went both ways!) Will miss her wonderful spirit!
To share a bit also to move on…next week I have the opportunity to sit and stitch with “Alison Cole” from Australia. I will share as the class goes on if I can. It is a two day class and we will be learning about how she approaches “stumpwork. I thoroughly enjoy seeing others approach to a technique. I have done some but am always up for learning and seeing how others do their stitching as we all glean from their insights and then apply to our stitching what works for us!