Alison Cole…A Class in Stumpwork & Goldwork

   I had the opportunity to take a class with Alison Cole this past week and it was “soooo” worth it! We all need that boost every once in awhile and I definitely needed one. This particular project is called Victorian Elegance and the instructions are “for me” perfect. Being able to understand what a teacher writes makes a huge difference and I am sure I will or have repeated that many times. As we all learn in different ways I found Alison refreshing! She has a wonderful “self published” book out called The Embroiderers Little Book of Hints and Tips which enhances more of what is being taught in her class. Since she is “self published” this allows “no constraints” that the big publishers can put on one and on the plus side the editing is hers. There are no surprises when she is finished. It is her work! The drawings are a lot different than one would get as most publishers use what they feel would look best. I especially like her “long and short stitch description” so will go back to that one constantly. I thought I was doing mine correctly in the first place (which I was!) and Alison just enhanced it and tweaked it for me! Yea…She thinks way outside the box and basically teaches there really is no box! Is this a blatant push for her product…yes…when I find someone who speaks to my personality I love it and will share it! By the way the book above is a great read in and of itself she is quite quirky and therefore funny. The links above will take you to Alisons website and those specific pages for the kit and book.

   Now to some small bits of pictures of what we did in class. This project will be take a bit of time to finish as there are “many…many….many…did I say many elements! Below is just some hints of what is involved.  Since I haven’t done some of this type of  stumpwork in a while there will be some growing pains.

   Here are some “stumpwork” detachable petals and leaf that were worked on,  I am redoing some as I learned a lot and want to remember how to do them “better” so need to do that quickly!  What a teacher has shared can go out of the old brain rather quickly!

As you can see below this is padded bud on a silk dupioni background…elegant! 


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