Chloe the Cat..Steps 11~13

    Finally sat down and finished the next section of “Chloe the Cat”…designed by Trish Burr …There is “padded satin stitch….overcast stitch…split stitch and long and short stitch” used in this section. I am still struggling a bit with my long and short stitching. Not neccessarily afraid of it at all, it is just a matter of having not done it in a while so skills and hand memory need to be exercised again! 

    What is interesting in this section is the overcast stitch. You need to pad it with a “double running stitch” underneath to help give it a raised effect. Overcast is just basically  a “satin stitch” that is used to make a line. You can see it in the photo below. It was hard to get all the stitches even. I think the “real thing” looks better.” The long and short stitching actually look pretty good here. I tried not to overthink what I was doing.  The “split stitch”, used for the outlining, I generally do as a “back split stitch” so I can control where my needle goes more easily. Makes sense to me even if one uses more floss to have it look neater. 

    Now for a peak at what I have finished so far….then onto the eyes….and rest of the head! I think when the head is done I will be about halfway!

    I’ve been working on reorganizing my floss so it is protected and then will more easily find what I need. I will share that probably later this week. I feel “joy” when I see the final result so that is a good thing!

10 thoughts on “Chloe the Cat..Steps 11~13

        1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

          Yep! I agree…but the worst part is I “accidentally” took out the previous “overcast line”….so now I am fixing “2” lines!…Had to walk away for a bit…to calm myself!!Thankfully I can laugh because stuff happens! I know I am not a perfectionist but do like to have my stitching look neat for the most part.

          1. wybrow1966

            I feel your pain – the number of times I have removed stitching from the piece of crewel work that I am working on at the moment cannot be counted on both hands!

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