Padded Satin Stitch….A back view of the padding  ooops!

    Working on Chloe the Cat …there is a lot of “Padded Satin Stitch”. So much so it may become overwhelming at times. I have this thing where I just want to do satin stitch and details of how to do this stitch become “moot”. That said there are many ways to pad your satin stitch. Trish Burr has a wonderful “Needlepainting & Whitework Handbook” that goes through descriptive ways of all the ways she works her designs. Great reference! 

     The “Padded Satin Stitch” is in there of course. You would think one would look it up and refresh the memory at my age. (Just to much stuff up there now.) Okay I was stuck because of the design here with some sharp corners etc. Sooooo…I looked it up and realized I could of done this padding differently. As I said I am a satin stitcher so would take the floss even while padding and go in the opposite direction of the final stitching and do just satin stitching in the needed direction. That said …uses up a lot of floss!

Below is a picture of the back of how I padded my satin stitch.

    Now this picture is actually how Trish shows how it should be done.

    Gee..what’s missing….all that extra floss! One can just come up “next to” the previous stitch and go back to the front to take the next stitch. Now a picture of the front of this with the “padding” done ready for the satin stitch to put on top. (tommorow…I’m tired).

I will be doing the “satin stitch” over the running stitch which helps to give it a nice edge. I did most of my padded satin stitching the other way. I need to remember to do it this way because I like it. Just wanted to share what can be done and it does come out pretty much the same. You would really only be saving floss. It could affect the final product by making it thicker. Just not sure about that. So it really depends on what one likes of course and each one of us has different approaches to how we do our stitching! 


4 thoughts on “Padded Satin Stitch….A back view of the padding  ooops!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      I mainly learned by trial and error through the years “self taught”. I was thrilled when the internet allowed all of us to learn more from all the wonderfully talented artists out there! I hope I can remember to do the padded satin stitch this way! I know I did it before but just keep forgetting!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      I agree about the intuition! I was so glad to find so much freedom in my handwork! About the colors they are exactly what Trish Burr suggested. If I see a design and like the colors it has grabbed me then to stitch it!


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