Chloe the Cat ..Steps 22~26

    Whewwww!!!!!!…. this section was a lot of different stitching. Padded Satin, Laidwork, Split Stitch, Eyelets, Long and Short Shading. I think that about covers it. The design on the fabric only had “2” eyelets printed on it and the one on the cover of the directions has 10! Five large and 5 small. I decided to draw two more large ones in and 4 small. They came out fine. I freehanded the small ones and the bigger ones I traced what was there and used a bright light to trace them again on the fabric. So am happy with the result. I just love poking holes in fabric for some odd reason. 

See that area there to the left? That is the last part of the Cat!!!! The Tail!! I probably will finish the whole tail (there are two sections) before I share that and then on to the bird on the tail…..! Getting there.. I will have had plenty of experience with Padded Satin Stitch by the time I am finished! I will have to show both cats together it should be interesting!

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    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      I guess my years using the sewing machine and dealing with really nice fabrics helped me not to worry to much. Learning how to do eyelets is what makes the nervousness go away. First you stitch a double running stitch around the circle drawn. Then plunge your “awl” or similar tool in the center to open a hole. Then it’s just a matter of stitching up through the hole and then down on the outside of the double running stitches making sure they nest nicely against one another. I usually push my awl back through when done. It gives it a nice hole. Need to be careful that your thread does not carry across the hole when you stitch or when you tie off on the back. (been there…done that…) Thank you …I am enjoying this project but will be glad when it is done. Avis


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