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Chloe the Cat with Bird and Finish!!!

Makes me feel great to have another embroidery finished! Trish Burrs “Chloe the Cat” is finished! You can find the pattern here if anyone is interested in this challenge Chloe the Cat Digital Download …. the kit is available also in her shop.

First the bird…

Real cute… the bird was fun to do yet I think I am going to have to invest in some better lighting “old eyes” as usual. I kept having to adjust the light so I could see better. The lamp I am using is getting old also and has had “a lot” of use.

Wanting to share a design problem that the bird had. I ended up using a very sharp pencil to draw in two missing lines on the wing of the bird as you can see below in the photo. Thankful my hands are still steady….! These lines were to deliniate between the upper and lower wing with some padded satin stitching. They just were not there, but was an easy fix. These kind of things do happen once in awhile with all kinds of designs. Paying attention to the detail when stitching helps one to catch these.

Now for the finished embroidery! I will be blocking and stretching this for a frame eventually. Would really like to come up with a way to put both “Katerina and Chloe” in the same frame. Just not sure with the color differences. Also a possibility of a wall hanging (think mini quilt) with the two of them. It takes me forever to think on what I will do with a finished embroidery but when the idea hits I usually am off and getting it finished! Onto another “unfinished” project. Right now there are three of them….Hmmmmm…we shall see.


Whewww! A Tail of a Finish…Chloe the Cat

After taking a few weeks off of stitching ….I finished the tail!!!! This part was very tedious….my thumb hurts! It is sooo…worth it!… I am still a little befuddled by my satin stitching on this one. I do know my eyes are getting worse, plus I need more light! All that said I only have the little bird to stitch and I will be done. I have an idea to combine both Chloe and Katerina in a frame together, maybe facing one another we shall see. I will post about that when the framing actually happens..(which might be awhile). I so would like to show you “Chloe” (just the cat) but I’ve decided to wait until the bird is finished so the whole effect is there. Enjoy!

A Little Christmas Past

I have been taking a break from stitching these past weeks so thought I would share some more of my heirloom sewing. Actually almost 13 years ago…I sewed a Christmas Dress for our first born grandchild. (Now I am officially what I call ancient.) Being that “lace” was the “in” thing for me then. I proceeded to “semi design” a dress for our granddaughter and I thought I would share. As you can see “bold color” was my goal. I took ideas from all of my books on heirloom sewing and cobbled together this outfit.

The main material is batiste with cotton lace inserts with machine embroidered “holly” motifs. Also beading insertion around the sleeves and in the main skirt with 1/4 inch red silk satin ribbon. Tons of “pintucks” for the bodice and at the hemline. I think my eyes must have been very tired keeping track of sewing all of them. As you can see there is also an slip that was sewn with a lace hem. Lots of work but very enjoyable at the time.

So here she is with it on in all her glory! What wonderful memories!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!