Whewww! A Tail of a Finish…Chloe the Cat

After taking a few weeks off of stitching ….I finished the tail!!!! This part was very tedious….my thumb hurts! It is sooo…worth it!… I am still a little befuddled by my satin stitching on this one. I do know my eyes are getting worse, plus I need more light! All that said I only have the little bird to stitch and I will be done. I have an idea to combine both Chloe and Katerina in a frame together, maybe facing one another we shall see. I will post about that when the framing actually happens..(which might be awhile). I so would like to show you “Chloe” (just the cat) but I’ve decided to wait until the bird is finished so the whole effect is there. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Whewww! A Tail of a Finish…Chloe the Cat

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      Thank you..I think when I block the piece when it is finished it will look really nice. I found the floche “puffs a bit and will fill in those pesky little areas and make them lay nicer. Avis


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