The Back of Stumpwork…Alison Cole Victorian Elegance

The back of a stumpwork piece can be fairly important! When stitching these petals for the “Victorian Elegance” piece by Allison Cole …I decided that I would “try” to pay more attention to my process of stitching with the hope that I would get a more finished back that resembled the front. For me a bit daunting as at times I was surprised myself in the past with some great looking backs! So this said, with the stumpwork pieces these really need to be neat as they might be seen from the front! They can get twisted and out of sorts just like me! Soooo…..I am “trying” and that is the operative word!

Here is the front of two of these petals…and below is the back. So I still have a long way to go to get nice backs. There are 15 of these things. So I am thinking maybe, just maybe, I will have a few really nice ones that will be used in the most relevant places when finally assembled. I am working on a plan of stitching to have consistence and if I find one I hope after doing 15 of these things the process will be “cemented” in my brain! Since I have done some stumpwork but still definitely in need of more experience I am enjoying the challenge!

4 thoughts on “The Back of Stumpwork…Alison Cole Victorian Elegance

  1. Catherine

    This looks like neat stitching to me! I struggle with wired elements and always end up with holes between the wire and inside stitching. Yours looks lovely- you obviously don’t have this problem!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      Thanks so much! …My thinking is the neatness of the back. I kind of remember what Alison Cole shared about keeping that neat but for me I find it very trying. I want a tried and true method that works for me. The fronts do look nice. “However” I have found if I am not careful I will end up skewing the sides as one stitches down and then the sides don’t match. Some of my other petals are a bit wonky! There is some gold that will also go on each one so I know that will take care of some of the issues I am having. (love coverups!) Plus as always thank goodness for my magnifier and light!


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