Memory of sewing an Outfit for Grandchildren

Having really enjoyed sewing some clothing for the grandchildren when they were toddlers (now teenagers!) One pattern and outfit I absolutely loved came from a magazine called “Ottobre”. They still publish more than a decade later a few times a year and it is available in the states through The Wooly Thread . The magazine comes out a few times a year with a children’s editions, women’s editions and sometimes other special editions.

This particular pattern was just so cute and I enjoyed every minute of the challenge of sewing it and I can still remember seeing myself making it! I am so glad I have pictures of it. (Well, actually I made “two”!) Just wanted to share….since my stitching has been waylaid for a bit again. I was ever so thankful I had a “digital camera” when they were fairly new..I really like having these memories at my fingertips!! The last photo is a closeup picture of the bottom of the “other outfit” that was made.

Love to hear comments...thanks!