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Summer..A Rabbit for all Seasons ..Finish

Yea!! Another finished embroidery! Albeit a more simpler one, it is nice to get it done.. I am pretty sure that I will make  pillows out of the four seasons…using some coordinating fabrics that will enhance the seasons.. Will be pretty cute in the end. Hopefully will take a day and finish these as well as the “sashiko” coasters around the same time… then will post the “absolutely” finished pieces in all their wonderful glory!

This “Summer” piece was interesting …as I needed to do some creative stitch manipulation because of the ears…The tracing was just weird in my hopefully I made it look like “the bunny” (which is definitely a “she” now) has bows on her ears…subtle ones…The line tracing needed to be covered up. I also know now I will also have to work on practicing the “twisted chain stitch’ used for the swing ropes..took them out …put them in…took them out…put them in…etc. The consistency is just not there. Maybe my old eyes are starting to play tricks on me!   Orrr..I am just reading how to do the stitch incorrectly..I even watched some videos…It is a pretty stitch just need to understand the mechanics of it better…

The other interesting bit was the tree trunk with the big knothole in it. The knothole has two contrasting threads to give it a bit more realism. These were chosen because the color called for was just to light and it needed to blend more I thought. It is nice to be able to change colors up in stitching..even though I am one not to want to think to much. Show me the design and if the “colors” as well as the design speak to me I’m sold! This is where I need to start thinking outside the box. That is definitely coming up with another project that I mentioned in an earlier post…(hint: Nicola Jarvis design)

Here now is the “Summer” in all it’s glory! Whew!!! Simple and cute! Gotta love the pointy elbow!

Springtime…A Rabbit for all Seasons Finish

Yes..a finish…not “finished” by that I mean not framed or pillowed or some other neat thing. Stitching is finished! I am framing up “Summer” next so I can decide “how” I want to finish these. The pillow idea is floating around my head.. They might look nice with coordinating fabric that matches the seasons… maybe a ruffle with lace added too.. I have not done that in a long time…

Maybe a bit to much tail..? Maybe trim a bit more off? We shall see.

Well…”Summer” is all framed up! Looks like this one should be breeze…I loved swinging on a swing when I was a of my all time fun things to do…probably because it cooled me off during the summer!

A Rabbit For All Seasons

Back to something simple…I had stitched up two of these earlier (during past two years or so) and as I was organizing I came across the other two..spring and summer…I decided to get them done..I had already finished fall and winter. These are done with stitches that are used frequently…stem, lazy daisy, french knots, plain straight, etc. .  The designs are from . She has some wonderful designs you can download in .pdf  form. For me they are simple and cute. Below are the pictures of the two I finished …autumn and winter…

    As you can see most of the stitches are fairly simple.. Forgot to mention the “turkey stitch” for the tail. Once you get that down it is fun to make a fluffy tail out of it. Here is the a picture of “Spring” a work in progress..Although in the original drawing the tail is missing. I am going to put a small hint of one in and guess why? My tracing got messed up right where the tail could go so why not! 

    I am one of those people who like to tackle the harder things first and sometimes that gets me into trouble..I will get frustrated and overwhelmed…so I “need” to take a break and do some small and quick stitching…One of the downsides for me is that I have machine sewing I enjoy also and it is driving me crazy having all this sewing related ideas and projects hanging about in my brain and then ones I have to finish that are just lanquishing to be finished. I love looking at what I have made it makes me relax and smile! Ahhhh! Being creative is the best! After I finish these I have a challenge for myself that I will be tackleing. I had asked “someone” to draw a picture for me and she asked me how it was going with it and I had to tell her I was still in the thinking stages and that was almost two years ago…I am so slow..well I finally got an idea of what I am going to do and will share that later on ..hopefully sooner…