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Victorian Elegance…Foundation Finished

All the “bits” are attached to the base fabric of “Victorian Elegance” designed by Alison Cole. There will be some finessing going on as I still need to add some ribbon embroidery. Playing with the shapes to get the piece to look nice will be fun…I am not sure why but I guess manipulating the pieces to a nice arrangement is fun to me. I am already seeing some areas I need to snip some fuzzies off of..!! The ribbon embroidery should be added in the next few days hopefully… The background fabric color in the photo really does not do the piece justice…it looks more blue/purple and the photo seems to punch it towards a brown. You can kind of tell that the empty spaces will be filled with ribbon embroidery and there are also some paillettes ( like gold sequins only metal) to be attached to add more bling. Excited about being almost finished. Have started looking for a frame to mount it in! Flowers are so beautiful!

Trevelyon’s Cap Course “2nd Panel Finished”

   This is just a quick update the second of the panels is finished! The goldwork/metalwork is time consuming and it was put off for a few weeks as some frustration set in. I had mentioned that I wished I had worked on each one of the panels at the same time and since that was a bust…I naturally approached the second one slightly different. Looking back at the first one to constantly make sure I stitched everything.  Then because the original tracing is so unique on each panel things had to be stitched different in the same areas. Hopefully you would understand that…  Stitching along I thought I was finished and then noticed I forgot to use “2” strands of gold on the trellis part. Absolutely a mind buster! (silent scream) Sooo…went back and added all of them.  Gheezzzh! Now it is done and time for a rest. Only 2 more to go then I will finish the border…(I wonder how long it will take me!) (Lots of laughs and snickering going on with that) I have been watching some very uplifting movies while stitching so at least I am in a better place when stitching goes all awry on one….Here is a picture of the two panels finished…. I think I will scream out loud when the whole thing is finished!

   So looking at the picture I “was” pleased…oh, wait…what’s that I see… a “thistle” I forgot to outline! Okay…now I really do need a break..It is hard to see everything but that one is glaring! Couple of hours later (after rest and movie break) I am stitching the thistle to the sounds of “Simon and Garfunkel” and finishing “again! So here is the finished first and second panel! TA!!!! DA!!!

Trevelyon Cap Course “One” Panel Finish

    Whew…this is time consuming…remember I used a 4 strand Cosmo “gold metallic” instead of “gold passing thread. Someday I will splurge and get a stash of different sizes of passing thread. The floss is okay…passing thread better…I am sure.. I still need a lot of practice with goldwork and hopefully will get more…There are some things that need to be tidied on the back but will take care of that later when I finally finish the whole Cap. I have been tidying somewhat as I go but for some reason there is this “thread” that tangles and get messed up on the back.. 

    Now for another small break…and then I will get back to the rest of the “goldwork”…Definitely nice to see an end in sight when you stitch…I now have 4 projects going and I need them down to two…now to get back to a fairly easy and quick one !

Here is a photo of the “one panel” ..There might be some tweaking in the future but we shall see when the whole piece is finished.

Trevelyon’s Cap Course Lesson 8

For some unknown reason this post was deleted from my website and I was able to cobble it back so here it is again….

    Doing goldwork can be a challenge…and “yes” challenges….are for me…! Using a 4 ply gold metallic cosmo thread added a bit more to the experience. I mentioned before that the size of “gold passing thread” I had on hand just were not working for me… sooo this is what “lesson 8” ended up like…This picture is just one of the panels…I also did the strawberries at the same time…they were supposed to be done in an earlier lesson but thought that it would be wiser to do all the “goldwork” at the same time.. Lesson eight only covers the flowers etc. The stems and trellis are for lesson nine… When those are finished on “this” panel …I will show that to you …My plan is to continue with the goldwork on the main part and finish all of it which will take quite some time…then I will show that all finished. Then onto the border…which will also take a bit of time…I need to take breaks as “sloppiness” will occur if I do to much at once. Struggling with the thistle.. I am thinking of redoing it…maybe outlining it first then doing the trellis across it might have worked better? Will leave it for now and decide later. ( I have already posted the fix and that is when I found out this one was missing!)

    I am going to start a project that the artwork was drawn by “Nicola Jarvis” at my request a couple of years ago and she was kind enough to do it for me. I have finally got my ” ducks in a row” as to what my plans are concerning this…There will be more on the background later on…

Fixing the “thistle goldwork” Trevelyon’s Cap Course Lesson 8

   Yes, the decision was made to take out the goldwork on the thistle…. below are the changes made and the differences…I like it ! I did do the outside outline first then added the trellis…a little different approach but it worked for me. I have always encouraged one to find what is going to work for them…we are all so different so we need to embrace that…especially with creativity!  It barely took me an hour to fix it all so well worth it…I know two posts so close together is a bit much, but that is rare !

Here is the first “thistle”… then below that is the second one redone… much happier…!

Trevelyon Cap Lesson 8..Goldfinger has been scratched! 

     So this is the goldwork start…!   Only a bit …but yea!!!! ….it’s started and there is lots of it to do..So for the first thing,  I needed to pick a “gold passing thread”. Below were my choices…a Japanese in 3 diffferent sizes and a Cosmos metallic thread. I tried the finest of the Japanese threads and it was just to big and I was unable to turn the corners well on the small flowers. Had to snip that out..I only did the top flower as you will see…sooooo, I tried the Cosmos metallic embroidery floss. It is divisible but I used all of it as one strand and couched it down with silk thread and I liked the way it’s a keeper for me…Makes sense anyway for me as all the other floss used is Cosmos.

After twisting and turning the thread and couching it down you need to plunge the thread to the back using a large eyed needle. 

Then “the back”…! Mmmmmm…I found one of my couching threads had knotted and a possibility of it  loosening was there…not taking that out it was decided to gather it up with the gold thread and couch it down to the back..

So it has been couched and secured on the back..You can see how I pulled the not so good silk thread from couching on the front and secured it…thankfully I am of the mind not to mind my backs! 

Now for the final look at the front finish…. I like the Cosmos metallic it flowed around the edges nicely. It is not real gold but for here I am just as happy…

Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox….Buzzzzzzzing….of the bee!

     The bee sparkles….like dew when you look at it from a distance…we have quite a few where I live and have seen them in the clover wet with dew and heavy with nectar..lovely sight. A very fine YLI gold metallic thread was used for the wings. The stitch is a buttonhole stitch that is elongated to meet the body of the bee.  The body, thorax and head of the bee is made with “two” strands of “Au Papillon fil d’Or deluxe” thread (what a mouthful). Beautiful thread… the stitches used for this part are back stitch to outline the body and then using a trellis stitch for the filling….the thorax is a couple of satin stitches with a colonial knot finish for the head. The antennae and legs are your basic small backstitch using a Au Ver a Soie Antique Metallic ….dark antique gold. 

    I was very pleased with the hand of these threads. They were extremely nice to work with compared to some other metallics I have used for machine sewing. Not sure if this would hold up in a sewing machine setting maybe someday will try it…

Trevelyon’s Cap…Strawberry  Part 1

In the spring we have myriads of “wild strawberries” growing in our forest lawn…they are very tiny and have a very bland flavor….looking at the “strawberry” for the cap reminds me of these diminutive wild ones…

 The stitching on these is very tiny..and due to a really good magnifying glass…they came out cute and cuddly! The gold trellis will go on later when they are all finished.

Cute huh! 


The upper Leaves…Trevelyon’s Cap 

     The upper leaves on the first set are kinda finished…there is still some goldwork to be placed along the vein lines which will take place later on in the course… 

As I shared before I am having a color challenge and I have noticed now that the darker greens are actually supposed to be in the center with the lighter ones fanning out to the edges of the four lower leaves below.  I am going to be  consistant and do them all the same across the piece. Here’s hoping they come out nice once the goldwork is added on. My visual imagination says “yes” they will be fine. There is enough contrast.  We shall see down the road. It is nice to share the “raggedness” of a piece before it is finished because it will allow one to love it all the more when all the final pieces come together.  I am enjoying the “cosmo” embroidery thread. This is really the first larger project that will  use it extensively. I have been happy with it before for smaller projects. 

Starting the “Trevelyon’s Cap” Online Course

Finally started the Cap course…. the 4 flowers on the top are finished.. Since I have a lot of “Cosmo” embroidery floss I decided to use them for my colors…I have used a color chart that helped me to change the DMC #’S to Cosmo…so because of some of the differences in color…I know the cap will look a bit different than the picture…Also I decided to use a sheer fabric that I backed with a fusible cotton which allows me to use “different types of fabric” for stitching besides the usual cottons, linens, and silks. I love all of them but do enjoy a change just to test things and so far I am happy…we shall see. The fabric is a shade of brown and I think it makes the stitching pop……good grief with the different floss and all it should be interesting when the cap is finished…

Below is a picture of the first flower finished…I did put in some gold highlights and I think the flower looks fine. I will however try to be more prudent in understanding how the colors are supposed to be arranged…It seems I am having a bit of a struggle following the color scheme. I am hoping all will flow together nicely …so far so good… I am working on the leaves and there are three different kinds…there is also a bit of color struggle on these…I will show you when I am done with one set…just about there. Looking good though…..