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Fire Pinks..Silk Ribbon

   Just as a quick note…”Fire Pinks”grow wild in my backyard during the summer months and I have always been drawn to them because of their growing in the heat of the season.  They are not a clumpy flower just usually one stem and a few buds and flowers. I think the cultivated ones have more together in a clump. It is always been nice to take a walk in our woods and spot one of these in bloom!

  Today is the day to work on finding the ribbon I want to use for this project. The plan is to stay with some red/pink color variations…with deep green for stems and yellows for the centers. Not a real happy camper so far.. Tested some of my ideas and they were a “bust” in my opinion…(no pictures) Need to feel pleased about the choices. Understanding now that it will take me some time to truly decide how to proceed with this project. I need to sleep on it some more. 

     So on the next day I tested some “varigated” 4mm silk ribbon …the answer is a maybe “yes”. I like the look but will definitely have to tweak it as the ribbon is applied. Sooo here is what I did for a petal as a test with some pink varigated ribbon…am hoping to find some “hot redish pink” colored 4mm ribbon because I want to do this in a deeper redish also…below is a partial picture of Nicola Jarvis’s petal…then a photo of my idea with the 4mm ribbon.  I am already thinking I might decide to hand dye some of my white 4mm ribbon to the colors I want…(psst..I get to play…!)  I know all things will take time but I am enjoying the process. I am looking forward to doing some ribbon embroidery and I think this flower will lend itself nicely to this medium.  Since I was testing for style and the  piece of ribbon used was a remnant I didn’t press the creases out so just ignore that..


Just a hint “Fire Pinks” A Drawing by Nicola Jarvis

    It has been a few years now, but when I was in Williamsburg, Virginia at a class with “Nicola Jarvis” I got up the nerve to ask her if she would draw a picture of “Fire Pinks” a native flower that grows on the property where I live. Explaining why I adore this flower is hard. It is a simple flower very bright red/pink. They also have been cultivated as they can be a pale pink to other shades of pink also. I would like to do this flower in red/pink as well as in the pale pink which is the way Nicola drew it for me…my thanks will never be enough for the drawing! I just want to do it justice in the creation!

   First off…I can (in my head) see what it looks like in all detail but it will not translate to my hands. Over the years I have tried but just do not have the capability to draw what I see and that means just about anything! Below is just a hint of the wonderful drawing Nicola did for me. She asked about it a month ago or so …so I decided I needed to get my brain moving to stitch this flower…it is really pretty to me and I am excited to try my hand at taking a drawing and then to interpret  it in thread or other fiber media (maybe silk ribbon). So here is a beginning…just a hint…

A Crazy Quilt Block for a Class

In September I will be teaching a class on how to embellish a crazy quilt block…real simple…you bet… (it is a lot of work putting this together..) the end result is worth it!

I have taught this class once before for a local Quilt guild and it was immense fun…comments ranged from “this was the quietest group of quilters in a class ever… someone telling me that it was the best class they had ever taken…it does make one feel good to provide new techniques and ideas and the fact that hand embellishing seems to be coming back into vogue…

The biggest plus is I get to use up my fabrics and some “bit’s that I have collected over the years and with the cost of fabric today I can keep my costs down by using my older stuff….which includes silks, sheers, velvet, cottons and others…then comes gathering the trims, threads, silk ribbon, dodads, beads and other nifty items to add to the seams and fabrics of the block. For this class I am aiming for a fallish theme….should be interesting…I have some lace leaves that will be dyed to look like fall leaves to add…fall is my favorite time of year…Looking through the bits I have to make this class is creativity on fire for me…I surprise myself that I will inevitably find something that I don’t remember having and it will be perfect for the block…Hope everyone else will enjoy it too….Oh…I forgot to mention that there will be a lot of  “sparklies” …there are wonderful arrays of sequins out there to purchase and adding them just gives the block some extra pizazz….not for everyone I know but in moderation bling can add to a block!

Here is a picture of this class block in progress…still have to add a few things…only 15 students as putting these together are time consuming but worth it as I said before…. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible…there are some absolutely stunning crazy quilt blocks out there…so hoping this is a good one for beginners etc….