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ooooooh….A new Cat from Trish Burr… “CHLOE THE CAT”

   Since embroidering “Katerina the Cat” ..Trish Burr has now come out with another “Whitework in Colour” called “CHLOE THE CAT”.  Of course I purchased the mate from her shop Trish Burr. You can get the kit or go to her digital shop Trish Burr Digital and get a digital copy.


    I purchased the kit without the threads as I have amassed a complete set of DMC threads. I was glad to receive the instructions in a booklet form and the design preprinted on a nice piece of fabric. Whew one less thing to think about! Also included was a needle. The booklet gives you the DMC color numbers you need with a printed “color block” next to each one.. Nice! The first thing  to be done after hooping up your design is to go through the steps in the booklet. The first one takes you through steps 1–4. I just finished number 1… it is a “Padded Satin Stitch”. Forgetting how tedious (albeit enjoyable) it can be doing the padding I have to use the same color throughout the process so where the floss goes can be wearing on the eyes. 
   I know that this is my method to help me keep some semblance of order so out came my “air erasable”. First thing is to outline the area with the outline  running stitch and then fill in the object with straight stitches opposite of the way the satin stitching is going to be placed. After the first layer is done I chose to mark my next layer with the marker to help differentiate the first layer from the second one. Followed that with the third layer also. This is the only way I am able to keep my focus on where I have stitched while using the same color.

Now I finished the padding and did the satin stitch on top and below is what is finished.There are some other outlines but they come later on…I am actually “reading” ahead…hopefully for the better in the long run!

I will show more when I finish a group of steps to show progress… I know it will be fun! 

Just so you can see my “KATERINA THE CAT that was finished a few years ago here is a picture of the one I stitched…For some odd reason I like eyelets and both of these have them so will be doing them with pleasure again! 

Talking about a Fix for an Embroidery (paying attention to directions)

  You’d think after all the years that have been spent sewing, doing handwork, cooking etc…(let’s just say over 50 years) one would finally….always read and pay attention to what one is doing…well the  Jenny McWhinney’s design I am working on now “Little Dog Dinner Time” was suggested as one of her easier ones.. and it is… except for “me” who just plods along and jumps to conclusions and this one was a definite no no…Thankfully I had used my trusty  “air erasable marker” to draw the lines. Ahhh…but what lines did I draw? Unfortunately the wrong ones…I drew the ones that show what “color wool” I was supposed to use…my brain had faded….it was sad…sad…so sad. So I have to wait for the lines to disappear because there would be to much confusion with the “other ones also there”.  Decided to mosey on a bit and just stitch the bowl and bone in the meantime. The lines will disappear by tomorrow more than likely.

Below is what I am supposed to draw for the stitching lines….

   Now this is what I did with the air erasable.. I know that not everyone loves these air erasables so it is a personal choice. For me they are so handy…There is always the possibility if you pressed it the mark could become permanent, however I use these markers for drawing in these types of lines….so who would see them! Okay I am really feeling the “old age” creeping in! Need to slow down and pay more attention!

As you can see here in this photo after waiting the lines have just about faded away, so now onto the “correctly drawn stitching lines”!

Here are the redrawn lines….feeling much better now…they are solid ones but it really does not matter…..these old eyes need more to see anyway!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day…mine will be “now”!

Embroidered Workbox Cornflower Leaves and Stem…Glad Press ‘n’Seal

     The Cornflower has the heavy chain stitch as the stem as in the “Heartease” flower…The leaves are “long and short stitch”. The floss used for the leaves is from Weeks Dye Works. I have used their floss before for some smocking I did many years ago and enjoyed it because of the deep colorations of the floss. Soooo…the Cornflower is finished!  The rabbit  is next!

      Tam asked me about the Glad Press ‘n’Seal…It has a slightly sticky side (think sticky notes) what it has let me do is keep my work in progress clean when I stitch. In the picture below you can see where I have cut out the area where I was working so my hands stay off the rest of the piece previously stitched. My needle minder is even on the outside on top on the “Press ‘n’Seal”…  I wrap a larger piece around the whole embroidery area covering my embroidery hoops or stretch/frames…great for keeping the oil off and protects from those very unusual “accidents” one has …..I will not tell what, how or why!!:) Now when I have finished stitching an area I will  take a smaller piece and cover it up until  I am ready to stitch the next part….

A way to organize your floss for stitching a project…

It was decided early on there needed to be a way to keep my Embroidery Floss organized…I finally came upon an idea that works for me…you need to find one that fits… you…. as each of us is different in how we approach our crafts…. 

First… a skein of floss….. then find the end that can pull freely out… then put a neat little “white snap ring” through the upper part where the floss is pulled… (these are from a place that sells …..rings to make chainmail for medieval costumes…)  The Ring Lord


When you pull on the strand….the floss will only come off to a certain length which has helped my  stitching with to long a length….If you need a longer length you can just pull it through the other side and more will come off …but also will stop again….

Now for the neat part…since there are six strands of floss…you  now pull one strand…threading my needle and the others will bunch up at the ring…. just long enough for stitching….

 Leave the floss bunched or smooth it out to get another piece when youu need it…then bunching it up all over again…works great….One thing I do then is put all of the colors I am working with on a large metal ring…which for a small project is nice or you could put them on multiple metal rings and organize then by the colors or numbers you will be working with…For the Trevelyon’s Cap course this is what I did with my floss….all the colors are on one big ring and I can flip them around and keep the color that I am working with on the outside…..  this is what works for me…..maybe it will give you some ideas too….

Oh….I forgot to mention  that any leftover lengths of floss can be easily put back on the ring of the same color to be used the next time you need that color….