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Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox…Front Ground!

     Started out doing the “Raised Cross-stitch” ..interesting stitch…it is basically a cross-stitch  that you weave around each spoke to get a “flower”. The instructions called for two strands of silk called SOIE CRISTALE by Caron that is a 12 ply silk floss instead of the usual 6 ply you find in the DMC cotton and others. I had never used this silk floss before and I will say I liked it very much…surprisingly the floss was snag free on these old hands! The center knot is my favorite “colonial knot”.. NOT! They frustrate me…I always have to look them up to remind me how to do them…one has to wrap them in a figure eight around the needle and inevitably makes me cross-eyed trying to get it right…Practice make perfect though and I do believe with this project I will be doing a lot of “Colonial Knots”….soooo…maybe just maybe I will finally have them glued in my brain! There should be room for this stitch as I know there is lots of sticky stuff up there!  The odd thing about the colonial knots in these flowers is that you really are unable to see them because they are “black”! What a waste…I could have just done a french knot and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference…! My plan today (after three weeks of family visiting) is to “chill” in this hot weather and finish up this panel! If you look you can also see the grasses have been stitched below …just have some cute small flowers and buds to finish…along with some stems! 

Embroidered Workbox….Rabbit Head…

Below is the embroidered head of the rabbit..the stitches are “long and short stitch” and straight stitches. Wool is used and always a nice change of pace…There is one thing about this piece that is very enjoyable for me and that is the challenge of the various types of threads and techniques used…I sometimes am giddy when I get to try something different! 

Have you ever heard of “Salley Mavor”?

   One of the nice things some bloggers do is have “giveaways”. Salley Mavor who is the designer behind Wee Folk Studio makes these really unusual “small dolls”…representing all kinds of life…and fantasy..She takes from nature and just goes with it! Recently she had a “giveaway” and I won a poster…looking forward to receiving it. Her latest work “Cover Up” is about what different women wear in different cultures..extremely unique. 

   Below is a picture of the poster with just a few of her “Cover Ups” represented. Sharing this is a way to show her work. Salley has done illustrations for storybooks with her art and has a couple of books out that teaches on how to make her “Wee Folk”.  I am always in awe of the creativity as well as the takeaway for me to keep my creative juices flowing. Check out her  Etsy Shop….you can see more of what she does and the poster below is available there….I am thinking about framing mine and giving it at a gift for one of my grandchildren….we shall see…I might just hang it in the guest room where they stay when they come for a visit!

So enjoy!


“A Crazy Quilted Egg”!

What’s the biggest “egg” in the world? It happens that it is the “ostrich egg” average size of 6 inches in circumference to 5-1/2 inches long.  That is about how big this crazy quilted egg is!  The panels of this egg have been done for awhile but resisted putting it together until recently.   The pattern was from Valerie Bothell  a few years ago because I thought it would be cute and unusual to make one. It is a fairly simple pattern.  Of course adding my own touches which is what’s nice about crazy quilting (plus some odds and ends hanging about disappear).

The pictures show each panel plus a couple of the embellishments…..

Like the rabbit and carrot charms?…they come from Susan Clarke Originals. They make really cute buttons and charms and other things. 

Lots of ribbon embroidery, beading, and flower sequins. 

  The little duckling is a button from who knows where?  I figure it appeared  in my grandmothers button box long ago. Trims along the seams…It was fun picking them out…

See the small bird charm…cute things are nice….the buttons  are very old  and from some grandparent. Below is a closeup picture of the “beaded cabachon”  that is on the right of this picture. A little blurry  but fun to do. First you need to glue it on the fabric (EE6000) even though the beads tend to hold the cabachon in place…it is more secure if you glue it..Ask me how I know…you really do not want to lose you “cabachon”!!


Plaid Poinsettias

Just a basketful of handmade Plaid Poinsettia stems…these were made a number of years ago when for some reason there was a need to have a nice looking Christmas decoration. Using two pieces of fabric and tracing the petals along the edges…next, laying a length of flower wire in between the petals….while using “steam a seam Lite…to fuse the two fabrics together …
Now using a decorative thread to satin stitch the center wire and along the traced edges of the petals and voila!…you have a petal. Making nine for each flower and adding a really pretty cording in the middle for the stamen… as you can tell I made “oodles and oodles” of these petals but I am still happy after all these years how well they have stayed…. Have a Merry Christmas!!!